SUPS operates primarily on volunteer work. Here's how to get involved:

1. Download the Clockify app for your mobile device

(You can also do everything from a desktop web browser, but it's recommended to install the mobile for easier use while you're on the range).

2. Get invited to the Clockify workspace

Email Garrett Schmidt (garrett.sups@gmail.com) and request that you be added to the SUPS Clockify workspace.

3. Accept invitation and create your account

Accept the invitation to Clockify and create your login.

4. Update your first/last nameClockify 01

Under Profile settings - Personal info, ensure that your first and last name are entered in the Name field.

5. Input your volunteer hours

After completing volunteer work, input your hours as follows:

Clockify 02

On the main menu, select either Timer or Manual mode.

Add volunteer hours through the Clockify mobile app

Timer mode allows you to start your volunteer clock-in time when arriving on the range and stop it once you are done. The volunteer time in the start/stop interval is captured automatically once the time is stopped.

Manual mode allows you to enter a manual time span for your volunteer work. If you did not start Timer mode when you began your volunteer work, you can always use Manual mode to input your hours after the fact.

Add volunteer hours in Clockify webpageClockify 01

Time in the Clockify webpage can be added in Manual mode only at https://app.clockify.me/tracker, as depicted above.

Tag project and confirm submission

Input a brief description of the work, the project you worked on (USPSA, Steel Challenge, PCSL, NRL22, etc...) and any applicable tags (for more specific activities done, like Stage Builds, etc...) then hit Add.

Please tag your work with a project, if applicable! It helps the volunteer community understand which matches/projects require additional volunteer resources.